Trend 1: Welcome Back Green

Greens are making a huge come back in interior design. The best part, since all shades of green are trending, you can easily update your home by complimenting last year’s trends of navy and spa!

Whether you use a hint as a fun accent color, or go full force. Green is sure to make an impressive and sophisticated look.

Savoir Faire Classic Green
Fabric Book: Temptress
This plush fabric is deeply saturated with a gorgeous green hue.

Castelle Lapis
Fabric Book: Emerald Ocean Navy and green are the perfect compliments for one another.

Stage Lights Thyme
Fabric Book: In Tune
Not a fan of the vivid shades of green? Why not try this tranquil muted version!

Precise True Green
Fabric Book: Emerald Ocean
This beautiful embroidery brings the vivid green, and crisp white accent together.

Trend 2: Sangria

Deep purples are having a moment as wine hues are trending in home interiors!

Deep, rich colors of mulberry and wine shades in luscious bordeaux and ruby reds are the star of the show in this collection.

Better yet! They contrast beautifully with ruby red and emerald green!

Grand Cable Mulberry
Fabric Book: Mulberry Sangria Grand Cable is a Carole Fabrics exclusive pattern which boasts a timeless geometric design in stunning color.

Lucky Stroke Porcelain
Fabric Book: Imperial Garden Lucky Stroke Porcelain mixes the mulberry coloring with contrasting emerald green in this pattern.

Banksville Cassis
Fabric Book: Bigelow
This deeply saturated texture solid is also a dimout!

Ideal Scenery Berry Orchard
Fabric Book: Mulberry Sangria This embroidery gives you a perfect touch of the trendy sangria tones.

Trend 3: Warm It Up

Neutrals are warming up with the return of creamy ivories, golden khakis and brown tone shades of stone.

Pairs well with tones of cognac, charcoal and umber.

Highlighted with satin, brass and copper.

Great with darker accent colors of rust, dark corals or hunter greens.

Spring Sprig Golden Charcoal
Fabric Book: Sandalwood
With this dark charcoal brown ground, the warm umber veins contrast beautifully.

Finishing School Neutral
Fabric Book: Sandalwood
Silky smooth stripes in a myriad of warm tones creates a sophisticated option.