Trend 1: Blushing Neutrals

  • Neutrals with a blush undertones
  • Warm and sophisticated palette that pairs well with rosy tones as well as lavenders, grays and creams

Dear Diary Blush
Fabric Book: Desert Wanderer

Latest Creation
Fabric Book: Desert Wanderer

Dobbs Ferry Cappuccino
Fabric Book: Birch

Problem Solved Powder
Fabric Book: Geranium

Trend 2: Bold Appeal

  • Graphic design motifs featuring impactful color combinations  in medium to large scale
  • Transitional, contemporary or traditional design inspirations

Color Rush Mardi Gras
Fabric Book: Haven

Rivers Connect Festival
Fabric Book: Vibrance

Seemingly Knot Midnight
Fabric Book: Blue Forest

Take Action Emerald
Fabric Book: Desert Wanderer

Trend 3: Dreamy Garden

  • Soft Delicate designs that offer a hint of color and femininity without being an overbearing floral

Magnolia Garden Dove Grey
Fabric Book: Birch

Seaside Resort Mineral
Fabric Book: Blue Forest

Welcome Summer Celadon
Fabric Book: Blue Forest

Carlingford Honeysuckle
Fabric Book: Breathtaking