At Carole Fabrics, we're passionate about identifying emerging home décor trends so that you're equipped with the resources to confidently approach any design challenge. Below you'll find inspiration for six current styles. Explore our Fabric Search and Trim Search to further spark your creativity.

Global Inspiration

Cultural experience. Yearn to travel. Distant shores.

After experiencing limited travel due to the pandemic, we're bringing the outer world into our homes through a variety of motifs and colors.

Our longing to see the world where we discover both new and old things has not gone away. Inspiration from around the globe can be found through our fabrics in chinoiserie patterns, kilim rug looks, and tassel fringe accents.

Design inspiration collage featuring a Japanese pagoda, palm trees, earthenware pots, dream catchers, and a colorful tiled ceiling.

A delicately illustrated pattern of pagodas and cherry blossoms.

Toji Garden Summer
Fabric Book: Pink Jade

Off-white tone-on-tone sheer leaf pattern

Island Culture Sand
Fabric Book: Sheer Intrigue

On point square medallion pattern in dark, rich colors on a light background.

Hold the Trust Slate
Fabric Book: Ash Oak

Medium blue diamond pattern with the look of hand painted tile on a light background.

Sunny Outlook Cobalt
Fabric Book: Wintermint

Bold Yellow

Happiness. Enlightenment. Optimism.

We're using color to jump start hope and inspiration. Everyone is looking forward to a better year and yellow is the color of optimism.

Yellow is taking a center stage rather than being used as an occasional accent. The bold brightness of this color amplifies feelings of happiness and encouragement.

Design inspiration collage featuring bright, bold yellow in furniture, flowers, food and outdoor details.

Lightly textured woven fabric in yellow

Autumn Breeze Daffodil
Fabric Book: On Point

Bold yellow hexagon outlines on a light neutral background

Shock Value Coin
Fabric Book: Modern Edge

Delicately illustrated cherry blossoms on a mottled yellow background

Cherry Blossom Curry
Fabric Book: Red Sea

Subtle hexagon pattern with bold yellow radiating from the angles on a light neutral background

Still Love Me Ore
Fabric Book: Modern Edge

Classic Traditionalism

Timeless. Old world influence. Mix and match eras.

Personalization is all in the details, and traditionalism offers the versatility to bring together various historic characteristics with a modern sensibility.

Traditional motifs in both classic and fresh on-trend colors are a great way to bring old world influences into the home. Pair with the timeless look of a Three Finger Pinch Pleat or the more contemporary Olivia Pleat to enhance the style of the room.

Design inspiration collage featuring vaulted ceilings with raised designs, scrolling ironwork and painted patterns, statement-making chandeliers, and lush swags of fabric.

Subtle yet ornate tone-on-tone pattern in pale green

Oak Hampton Glacier
Fabric Book: Pink Jade

Alternating patterns of detailed fleur-de-lis patterns and horseman scenes.

Horseman Royal
Fabric Book: Red Sea

Large scale illustrated floral on a pale gray background

Bird Sanctuary Platinum
Fabric Book: Ash Oak

Allover medallion-like tone-on-tone pattern in deep red

Hidden Hearts Maroon
Fabric Book: Red Sea

Earthy Palettes

Comforting. Grounded. Nature inspired.

The shapes and colors found in nature bring us back to basics with feelings of refreshed comfort and well‑being.

Browns, charcoals, and forest greens mixed with different textures in fabrics and hard finishes create a room that is balanced and rooted in restfulness.

Design inspiration collage featuring a forest, gardening, and interiors focused on greens and browns.

Visually textured bark-like pattern in browns and grays

Artistic License Caramel
Fabric Book: Modern Edge

Overall pattern of nesting hexagon outlines in brown and black.

Above All River Rock
Fabric Book: Stone Path

Silhouetted leaf pattern in metallic silver on a deep green-blue background

Petal Trail Indigo
Fabric Book: Ash Oak

Green illustrated leaves and branches on a light neutral background

Together Forever Cypress
Fabric Book: Pink Jade


Nostalgic. Vintage motifs. Need for comfort.

The romantic ideal of a simple old-world rural lifestyle harmoniously combines soft florals and classic geometric shapes.

Often compared to grand-millennial style, both of these looks can also bring in small scale botanical patterns that can be paired with luxe drapery hardware finishes to add a bit of modern touch.

Design inspiration collage featuring a flower garden, simple architectural lines, intricate embroidery and pops of shiny brass.

Overlapping medallions in a range of blue create an allover shell-like pattern

Under the Radar Pool
Fabric Book: Red Sea

Delicate diagonal leaf pattern in off-white on a pale green-gray background

Framework Sterling
Fabric Book: Ash Oak

Large-scale linework floral with dark pink blooms and green leaves on an off-white background.

Allium Bloom Ballerina
Fabric Book: Pink Jade

Repeating geometric pattern in blues on an off-white background.

Your Shot Nautic
Fabric Book: Modern Edge

Livable Luxury

Functional. Versatility in design. Statement pieces.

Gone are the days of thinking luxury is only for special occasions. Lush velvets and shimmering metallics with enduring strength make every day a treat for the senses.

Our pattern Commencement is our latest performance rated fabric with a water-resistant, antibacterial and antimicrobial finish that is environmentally friendly. A perfect fabric for everyday living with kids and pets.

Design inspiration collage featuring comfortable rooms with rich details.

Deep blue velvet

Plush Touch Midnight
Fabric Book: Touch of Luxury

Textured weave in blues and beiges with a horizontal striping effect

Sound Mind Arctic
Fabric Book: Wintermint

Textured woven fabric in deep orange

Commencement Terra Cotta
Fabric Book: Commencement

Off-white linear hexagon pattern on a light beige background.

Lattice Wall Sand
Fabric Book: Stone Path