Spring Collection 2014

We are pleased to present our 2014 Spring Collection! This collection is better than ever, featuring eighteen books with many dramatic designs, colors, and styles. Please take a moment to review this new and fabulous assortment.

  • Evening Stroll | Carole Fabrics
    Ravenwood | Carole Fabrics
    Bare Essentials | Carole Fabrics

    Evening Stroll
    This collection is full of embroidered patterns that are modern interpretations of classic botanicals & graceful geometrics. Featuring many new exclusives, this embroidered collection is sure to become an instant favorite.

    Casual living is the main focus in this collection of coastal inspired linen stripes in various colors. Featuring sheers, solids, & stripes, you can easily create an effortless casual, yet chic look.

    Bare Essentials
    This book is full of 100% linen solids & linen/cotton blends in the most basic & essential constructions. We even added a little bling to the assortment with the evidence of how important metallic features are in the updated classic interior.

  • Swank | Carole Fabrics
    Willow Place | Carole Fabrics
    Jackpot | Carole Fabrics

    This collection features fabrics that are soft & perfect for drapery, yet still suitable for residential upholstery. To add further excitement to this collection, we've added two contemporary geometric designs with chenille.

    Willow Place
    A brand new collection of exclusive jacquards is featured in this book with a traditional damask design & an upbeat geometric. In addition, there are complimenting embroidered faux silks featured in new designs & colors.

    These elegant coordinates are perfect for pillows, bedding & will make beautiful drapery & soft shades as well. The color palette features many shades of the softest neutrals & today's fashion colors.

  • Carte Blanche2 | Carole Fabrics
    Hamilton Heights | Carole Fabrics
    Marcella2 | Carole Fabrics

    Carte Blanche
    Textured solids are hotter than ever. This book features three solid textures in a wide range of colors. The hand is excellent for drapery & soft shades.

    Hamilton Heights
    This collection showcases textured geometrics, silk-like jacquards, & numerous textured solids to coordinate. This is a very classic collection, with the most current styling.

    This collection features a library of todays colors in a range of texture. This collection will be an excellent source for residential drapery & soft shade solids.

  • Embark | Carole Fabrics
    Soiree | Carole Fabrics
    Cool Cotton | Carole Fabrics

    This is a collection of exciting textured sheer embroideries along with some unique sheer burn out designs. Decorative & embellished sheers are huge in the market today, & this book features some motifs you don't want to miss!

    This collection features a wide variety of elegant embroidered & printed linen window casements. There are many linen looks in the most natural colors featuring bold stripes, solid textures, & timeless print designs.

    Cool Cotton
    There is nothing as cool & crisp in textiles as cotton. This collection features stripes, plaids, & solids. We've added a few metallic solids that make this book super fun!

  • Frill & Frenzy | Carole Fabrics
    Limelight | Carole Fabrics
    Creme de la Creme | Carole Fabrics

    Frill & Frenzy
    Our latest introduction of botanical prints feature beautiful artwork that comes in great color combinations. Any of these designs will be a wonderful focal point in any interior spaces. This collection is sure to add frill & frenzy to any room!

    Fresh new watercolor prints and coordinating jacquards along with a satin weave solid are all color coordinated to make a perfectly delightful collection for anyone looking for a splash of color!

    Creme de la Creme
    Creme de la Creme is a collection of pure luxury in shades of ivory, cream, & gold. Jacquards designed & colored specifically for this Reserve collection make this book extra special.

  • Razzle Dazzle | Carole Fabrics
    Arctic Glimmer | Carole Fabrics
    Fresh Air | Carole Fabrics

    Razzle Dazzle
    With shades of plum being a huge hit for 2014, this book is sure to meet the needs of anyone looking for a little razzle dazzle. Tones of raspberry & chocolate are combined in this Reserve collection.

    Arctic Glimmer
    Shades of silver & black are the featured colors in this beautiful Reserve collection of prints, jacquards & velvets with metallic highlights. This book was chosen from all over the world to bring a unique collection full of patterns & coordinates.

    Fresh Air
    This book brings you soft shades of airy blues along with inky indigos. There are many traditional designs with lots of texture & a modern sense of style. You don't want to miss this collection!