The Profiles collection consists of elegant, classic and contemporary hardware styles. Crystal-like finials catch and reflect light while metal finials add a bold and intriguing visual for any custom window treatment.

  • Poles and Finials

    Profiles Regent | Carole Fabrics
    Beldon. | Carole Fabrics
    Transition  | Carole Fabrics

    Regent - Stainless

    Beldon - Distressed Wood

    Transition - Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Legends Gemstone | Carole Fabrics
    Legebds Perspective | Carole Fabrics
    Legends Digital  | Carole Fabrics

    Gemstone - Stainless

    Perspective - Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Digital - Chrome

  • Poles and Finials

    Legends Empire  | Carole Fabrics

    Empire - Distressed Wood

  • Finishes

    Profiles Stainless  | Carole Fabrics
    Profiles Destressed Wood  | Carole Fabrics
    Profiles Oil Rubbed Bronze  | Carole Fabrics


    Distressed Wood

    Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Profiles Chrome | Carole Fabrics